Visualize the smell of a perfume into a female perfume bottle. When finished that, design a male bottle that fits the design of the female bottle, but masculine.









School Project         :   7 weeks

Team formation      :   Individual

Year                              :  Third year


Client                           :   -  (none)


My Goal

“A creative design to implement bamboo in such a way that's calming like a massage and energizing like the Bounty Islands.”


inspired by BAMBOO






Perfume bottle





At the beginning, I thought of beaches and bounty islands when I smelled the perfume.

During the project, I made a new mood-board which is more about Bamboo and calm massages.






Smell the Perfume


smell it without seeing the bottle.

After that wrote down some keywords

that came through.








Too Shiny


At first, I made the form of the female bottle

like bamboo, but the colors were cosmetic.

That means shiny, and that did not fit my imagination.





Too Cheap


Therefore I made it with bamboo cover,

so people easily understand the

connection with bamboo, but that

makes it look cheap.




Glass Bottle


Finally, I decided to make it totally from glass, so it

did not look cheap. Also, it still needed to look like

Bamboo. So was looking for the right way to implement the bamboo structure in the glass.



Bamboo structure


The growing part of the bamboo was finally my inspiration to implement in

the glass. Like the picture is showing.







Final Result






Higher but less wide

  Male - Rough- Lower but wide




Made out of foam






Bambo'oder is an own created brand for perfume bottles.


As inspiration Bamboo. Important is the growing element of Bamboo. The summer vibe of a luxury resort with bamboo combined with the calm and comfort massage in a perfume bottle.


The bottle made of glass and on the top a bamboo shell.

2017 | © made by Bram Wendel

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