A Cargo Bike

It's a bike, it's a shopping card.

It's everything.



Think about opportunities of a cargo bike (versatility / modular) and work it out in detailed concepts.





Cargo-bikes are most of the time very expensive. By that reason, I Challenged myself to make a cargo-bike that is multifunctional. The functionality needed to be integrated into the product in a simple way.






School Project         :   14 weeks

Team formation      :   Individual

Year                              :   Second year






1)  A bike which you can use as a normal 2-wheel bike or as a cargo-bike.  Just switch the front of the bike.


2)  A cargo-bike that you can use as a normal cargo-bike, but also as a    (shopping) cart. Just pull off the bin of the bike.







My Goal

“A cargo bike for young-adult parents that is not only a cargo-bike but also has functions for another purpose.””


Final Result









Drawings on paper






3D printed model out of the CAD model.




Front Wheel

When the bike is on the standard you can pull the front wheel down. Like the image is showing.






The Bin

When you get the front wheel down, it is

possible to dispose the bin from the bike.






When you ready, have a nice walk or go shopping.

If you finished but the bike back together and drive home safely.



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