Truss option


For the professional events, they use a light-bridge, also called 'truss' to attach their lights on. By that reason, I made a hole in which fits a light clamp. See the light clamp on top of the frame on your right.



Design a frame that fits five Blacklights to optimise the light beam.


The Blacklight has 16 little LED spots with one Watt each. So a total of 16 Watt UV light.






This Blacklight has a lens so the light gets bundled and have a further range. The only problem with the lens is that the light bundle is compact and that you need more Blacklights to fill up the location with this light.







My Goal

“Design a frame that is unique in the event business, still simple to use, fits the style of the Blacklights and finally protecting it.”




Light beam


The light has only a light beam of 10 degrees. By that reason, the lights should be arranged in a curved frame of 50 degrees.

A frame to optimize the light beam of UV






Blacklight Frame



Tripod option


For the most events people that use this blacklight they want a tripod to attach the frame. By that reason, I made a hole underneath to attach a flange/adapter. See the adapter on the bottom of the frame on your right.

Final Result









Work Project          :   6 weeks

Team formation    :   Individual

Year                            :   2017


Client  :  Enjy Event Support

                 Amersfoort, The Netherlands








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