Which social, professional, technical, economic and political trends will define the world of 2030? According to these developments design the office of 2030 in one week.











International student exchange


School Project         :   1 week

Team formation      :   Group  (4)

Simple, Ergonomic & Functional






Workspace of 2030



The App


We designed three workplaces. The meeting place, the office and a resting place. I designed the chair and the desk with a classmate. I devised the controlled workspace with the app, but a classmate worked that out.


This app is especially for flex-working, that should be the working system by that time. Flex-working is already upcoming. You put in your favorite setting on your device in 2030, when you change your desk you connect your device with your desk and everything changes to your size and settings.



Our Goal

“A flex workplace. Connect your device with your personal settings registered on it, so your chair and table change for the best ergonomic workspace. At the end, the table has different modes for your favorite work-positions. ”


Final Result



Relaxing area


Because in the future everywhere will be technology people want to totally get rid of it,

so we made a relaxing area with 0% technology.






Desk modes


 Three different modes which can be activated on the App:


 1:   Computer is running

 2:   Brainstorm / Presentation

 3:   Desk / Paper work




Desk chair of 2030


An ergonomic chair changes to your height and width.  When you connected your device and put in your personal settings your favorite music going on and you can listen to this through the chair's speaker.



Meeting space


Super functional way to communicate with each other.

A presentation area and a desk in the middle what also can be used as a computer.




Top View

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