Make a product to expand the Paperfoam assortment. Make this

product in the cosmetic market.


Do research in the cosmetic market, make a business case (using FORTH-method) and finally make a product concept.








“The PaperFoam material is sustainable, Eco-friendly, low-carbon, highly recyclable and home compostable. The main ingredients are starch and fiber. Together with lightweight properties and energy- efficient production.”






School Project      :   14 weeks

Team formation   :   Individual

Year                           :  Second year


Client  :  Paperfoam B.V.

                 Harderwijk, The Netherlands





A lot of cosmetics are related to any kind of liquids. Paperfoam shouldn’t

react well with any liquids, so I tested how it reacts with water.


Result: It is not resistance to water, but it will survive a short period of contact with water. When it dries it will regain its strength. Paperfoam in combination with hot-water is possible if you’re careful.


Eco friendly packaging for Henna hair colour dye









Opportunity direction


You can divide the market of cosmetic in different smaller markets.

In the markets of baby, hairdressers and online is  chosen to made a concept.



Forth Method

Made these concepts while using the FORTH-method. Finally, three concepts are selected, but hair color dye is obviously the best one.

The company and the teachers gave good feedback.


My Goal

“A way to use your packaging in a functional way other than protecting during the transportation of a cosmetic product .”






Inspired by a lock of a hair.







The form of a leaf.







Together combined to

a cosmetic product



Bowl Inside the packaging


The packaging needed to include a bowl. When the package contains a bowl it is multi-functional, because when you color your hair with the henna powder you mix the powder in a bowl.





Just one simple piece.

Produced by injection

molding. Simple mold.




One-piece of Paperfoam


Because the product should compete with the normal carton packaging. It should be as cheap as possible. One part reduces the production cost. So I made sketches with one piece of Paperfoam.

Final Result









Technical sketch


The new packaging is bigger than the previous one, because of the bowl inside. But I tried to make it not very larger.  These are the sizes of the new product.



Old too new product

Henna hair color dye is




Paperfoam is a bio-based

packaging material.



The packaging is also your

bowl during the hair coloring.


Throw away the packaging

Eco-friendly by   putting it in

 the compost





Paperfoam can easily be produced in different colors. Every hair color dye has his own color of the hair.





Because of the high finishes of 8 degrees, it is easily stacked for transportation.


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