Make a usable product from our raw material that can be used in the circular economy of recycle, and that fits in our mission and vision.







Background  (client)

LIMM Recycling is the client in this project. It's a Dutch company. They selling coffee cups to other companies and also collect them. Then they recycle it to recycled PS granulate, now they want to make something out of the granulate.

They aiming to work in a circular economy. In their company, they are recycling  plastic coffee cups (polystyrene.) If you recycle these cups as a return you get a new sustainable resource.  Their vision and mission are tried to explain on the right.


   School Project      :   14 weeksTeam formation   :   IndividualYear                           :  Third year Client  :  LIMM Recyling B.V.                 Appelscha, The Netherlands  

Playful, new way to recycle !






Recycle Box

Minimize their ecological



Avoid the waste the plastic



Maximize the use of the circular

recycling products in the market


Work only with fully recyclable


Mission and vision





Opportunity direction

You can divide the market of cosmetic in different smaller markets.

In the markets of baby, hairdressers and online is chosen to create a concept.



Concept choice  (recycle box)

It’s like the normal coffee collecting box, only now people on events need to deliver them old cups.

Attract people to do it for free.



“A Simple way to attract people at events or festivals so they will recycle! They will collect their cups on the right way and reduce litter..”

My Goal




Events can not command festival-goers that they have to throw their cups in the recycle box, so you need to attract people instead. Possible opportunities to attract are sound, smoke and lights. The sound is maybe too difficult because of the loud sound of the music during a festival.


Smoke and lights are possible techniques to attract people.






Smoke and light are too expensive for a recycle box. Another way should attract people, like games. A game that is simple and doesn’t need any expensive technical aids. I thought about well-known games and implement that in the recycle box.





Voting cups & Tic-tac-toe

There a lot of sketches been made of recycle boxes in combination with a game.


Finally I have chosen for the 'Voting cups' and 'Tic-tac-toe'. A well known game or simply vote!






Construction | Components


These concepts are all about user experience. Understand how people will react on this new way of recycling. Because of that I made the storage of the cups in transparent tubes, so they see what should be inside and it stacks well.











In Tic-tac-toe you needed the 'X' and 'O' cups to let people know they can play this game. The new cups should be an opportunity for the client LIMM because his clients needed his cups, otherwise, the festival can't play his game. This should not be a problem, but more a controlled market position

Final Result








Voting Cups


Three tubes and of course three possible answers on a question. If you find a catchy question they will answer the question. They recycle by answering they question.






A well-known game using for recycling. You need eight cups to play it by yourself. When you have four cups you can try to find a competitor and get to know new people.




How it works

Put the 'X' and 'O' cups in the holder and flush after finished the game.




Reduce waste!





Recycle your cups!





Do it at the funny way!







Test the prototypes on different locations. Finally, I test it on a festival. The result came out positive. The prototypes are eye-catching and people used it without any help!

2017 | © made by Bram Wendel

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