During my 3th year I had the opportunity to be part of a organization named 'ConceptLab'.  It should be the new way of eduction which is also super interesting for companies.


ConceptLab is an environment in which interdisciplinary education works in collaboration with specialists to make the conceptualization of innovative ideas accessible. ConceptLab is the bridge between ideas and the reality.






At ConceptLab we focus on the analysis, the idea/sketch phase, and the concept phase. With the concept developed by ConceptLab, you can convince inverters,  clients and/or your management.


In this period of time working in ConceptLab, I develop a lot of unique skills, like analyzing, managing and prototyping. We had to work a half school year independent without any lessons. Feasibility analysis and Business strategy was part of my working day. Finally, I had the opportunity to work-out a concept that I had made a school year earlier. During that continuation I made a 1:1 scale prototype, fully working on this concept.   www.concept-lab.nl

A sustainable world in which

innovative ideas do not keep

lying on the shelf.







Business case













Made the two prototypes of the wood type MDF. I laser-cut it in layers and glued it on each other. I finished it by sanding, put it in the primer and finally paint it. The tubes between them are of transparent PVC.





Digital drawings

I have the possibility to sketch on my Ipad pro. A very comfortable tablet on which you can sketch with the 'Apple pencil'. Specially bought this tablet to improve my drawing skills

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